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Recently born website The Practically Perfect Baby (PPB),, offers new parents an alternative to “attachment” parenting, helping to develop independent, confident, and sleep-through-the-night-babies. The new site promotes a modern return to “practical parenting,” providing detailed schedules, routines and advice for a baby’s first year.

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Founded by the dynamic, sister team Whitney Fenlason and Amy Nadine Clement, PPB presents a child-rearing style in opposition of “attachment parenting,” an approach that focuses on co-sleeping, “baby-wearing,” extended breastfeeding and 24/7 responsiveness.

Whitney Fenlason
Whitney Fenlason

Former teacher and mom to a 23-month old son, Fenlason comments, “I understand first-hand the importance of consistency and routines in creating an optimal learning environment and also how confusing and frustrating it can be for a new parent to decipher all of the parenting literature out there. The Practically Perfect Baby aims to assist new parents by offering what’s really an ‘infant’s first year curriculum’ to help them teach their baby to peacefully join their family.”

PPB explores the theories of the “non-attachment parenting” world set forth in the writings of such renowned experts as Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. Richard Ferber, Gary Ezzo, M.A., Dr. Robert Bucknam and Dr. Marc Weissbluth.  Designed in a ‘40s and ‘50s retro theme, the site is filled with creative and easy-to-follow posts, arming parents with the tools to navigate their baby’s first 12 months, offering guidance in the areas of feeding, sleep-training, dealing with behavioral issues, and making product recommendations.

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Successful blogger and co-founder of the popular site, Clement adds, “Our blog will simplify parents’ lives, arming them with the confidence to know that they’re meeting their baby’s needs.”

Amy Nadine Clement
Amy Nadine Clement

Whatever your view might be on this often polarizing topic, Fenlason and Clement are dedicated to helping new parents achieve a happy and peaceful family life via their focused and simplified plan.

Moms and dads should definitely take a look at the new arrival on the parenting scene at

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