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San Diego Informer had the opportunity to attend Slightly Stoopid’s Summer Sessions this past Saturday at the Irvine Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Slightly Stoopid delivered nothing but the best, and we even managed to snag a quick interview session with Kyle McDonald, one of the original members. Representing us at the show was Lisardo Nava, owner of Big Media Prints and Chelsea Jean, our interviewer. Check out our adventures and the full interview of our Summer Sessions experience.

Slightly Stoopid continues their tour with their next stop in Santa Barbara July 25 at the Santa Barbara Bowl and then on to San Diego July 26 at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre. For a full tour list, visit:

Chelsea Jean: Hi everybody! I’m with Kyle from Slightly Stoopid.

Kyle McDonald: What’s up everybody!

CJ: So last time I saw you guys, it was in San Diego with Atmosphere at Sleep Train. How has the Slightly Stoopid Summer Session’s with Stephen Marley been?

KM: It’s been real nice. It’s a family vibe so when we roll out, even if you don’t know somebody before you go on the road, by the end of the tour, it’s solid, you know.  Family vibes is first and foremost, and then the music is so insane…we get to take notes, listen every night to the best music and then hang out with the people that make the music. You can’t dream that [stuff], you gotta wake up and live it.

CJ: I know touring can be really exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. What do you guys do to stay sane on the road?

KM: During the day we just try to stay active. A lot of us, we’re from the beach, so being away from the beach when you’re on the road, you have to find things to do. We got bikes, we do everything in moderation. We listen to music at night, have a couple drinks.

CJ: So lastly, you guys put out your [latest] album in 2012, with 21 songs on it and multiple artists. What are your guys’ thoughts about your next album?

KM: We’re always working no matter when or where [we are]….we just love making music. We have a bunch of stuff we’re working on. We have things in the works, like we just finished a punk record…we have all sorts of music.

CJ: Well, thank you! We will see you in San Diego on July 26!

Chelsea selfies it up with Kyle from Slightly Stoopid
Chelsea selfies it up with Kyle from Slightly Stoopid

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