Los Angeles-based, electronic/ambient artist Chris Wirsig recently unveiled his original composition for the motion picture soundtrack of the short film “20 Matches” by writer/director Mark Tapio Kines.20 Matches CD Cover

German-born Wirsig’s signature dark hybrid style lends itself perfectly for film and TV projects, with“20 Matches” marking the artist’s first film score.

The thriller, about a serial killer in Vienna, stars German actress Nina Rausch. Underscoring the gloomy atmosphere of confinement in the film, Wirsig’s hypnotic composition combines a small chamber string ensemble with electronic music, creating a score that while ultra modern, is reminiscent of John Carpenter’s work.

Filmmaker Kines comments “I chose Chris for this project because I was interested in working with a composer who had a background in electronic music. I wanted a score that could feel both menacing and modern, with a dense texture and sort of rhythm to it, while being sparse and claustrophobic at the same time.”

Wirsig’s most recent works include music and sound effects for the top ten iPad game “Alien Tribe 2,”  and the critically acclaimed dark electro project ‘no:carrier’ album “Wisdom & Failure,” as well as the band’s EP of covers, “Ghosts Of The West Coast.”

Classically trained on piano and saxophone, Wirsig studied audio engineering at Munich’s SAE Technology College and has more than 15 years experience in music production. Writing songs since 1991, he has contributed music for computer demos and commercial games throughout the1990s.

Chris WirsigWirsig founded the acclaimed electro-noire band ‘no:carrier’ in 1995 and the electronica/chillout project “Virtual Conformity”in 2001. He also worked as an editor for the musician’s trade magazine ‘KEYS’ and founded the first German fair trade record label NovaTune.




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