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A couple cosplayers hanging around. Photo credit: Kris Z. Blogging and Photography
A couple cosplayers hanging around. Photo credit: Kris Z. Blogging and Photography

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is an Asian-pacific pop culture convention thrown each year. This year PMX was held at the LAX Hilton November 7-9. The hotel lobby was littered with numerous cosplayers; each costume boasting hand crafted details down to the tiniest button on a sleeve. It was great to see such an enthusiastic and dedicated crowd. The attendees were all about PMX, and I don’t blame them. PMX truly brought Asian-Pacific culture to their convention through their guests, artists, events and exhibitors.

PMX had an array of guests of honors. Hiromi Matsushita, the animation director for Sailor Moon and Vampire Hunter D was present, along with the featured musical guest Heidi., a Japanese alternative rock band. Fans patiently waited in line to receive autographs and ask a quick question or two.  Besides impressive guests of honor, PMX featured a room filled to its brim with exhibitors. Any kind of anime paraphernalia you could think of was available, including handmade plushies, posters and costumes.  PMX even had a room dedicated to Lolita clothing. (If you aren’t aware of Lolita clothing, let me get you up to speed. Lolita clothing is a popular fashion style in Japan that features Victorian-era style clothing, mainly consisting of frilly dresses, long sleeves and lots of lace.) I was especially impressed with the Lolita dresses and accessories available. PMX brought Yumi Fujiwara, the president and head designer of Innocent World; a popular business that produces exquisite Lolita dresses. Get ready to drop some serious cash on her beautiful designs on her website at  After trying on some pretty dresses, it was on to the Artists Market, which PMX describes as “a feast for the eyes, ears and mind.” This room featured a vast array of artwork through all sorts of different mediums. If you wanted manga, you would find it. If you wanted watercolor paintings, there were plenty. If you were in the market for digital artwork, your journey would now be complete.

Thank you PMX for the wonderful opportunity and to experience Asian-Pacific pop culture firsthand! I look forward to seeing what new marvels and splendors PMX will provide next year.

One of Innocent World's newest Lolita dresses. Photo credit:
One of Innocent World’s newest Lolita dresses. Photo credit:

For information on Pacific Media Expo, please visit their website at

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