snowden book front (1)Saints and Dragons, Edward Snowden in His Own Words by political writer Claude Brickell is now available in print in stores at Barnes and Noble Nook Books and online at by publisher Bric Books.

The books gives readers the first real look at Snowden’s actions about what he actually did, why he did it and the message he is sending to the American people regarding “why privacy matters.”  According to Brickell, Edward Snowden speaks particularly to his own “post-terror generation” seeking to educate the public and vindicate himself.

In early 2013, a subcontractor employee of the National Security Agency began leaking information about mass surveillance conducted by the US intelligence organization, information about which the employee Edward Snowden believed the public had a right to know. Since that time, he has been branded a traitor by many.  But the majority sees him as a hero who risked his life to disclose unscrupulous government practices that not only affect every American citizen, but the peoples of the entire world, U.S. allies included.

“Edward Snowden is experiencing the irony of the whistleblower: a man who released vast troves of secret information has had his own story redacted,” comments Brickell.

Brickell covers President Barak Obama’s comments on talks with intelligence agencies on whether to grant Edward Snowden a pardon. President Obama remarked, “I want to leave it to the courts and the attorney general to weigh in publically on the specifics of Mr. Snowden’s case.”

Snowden is the whistleblower who disclosed to the American public and to the world mass surveillance on the part of the National Security Agency of private citizens: Americans and millions of others worldwide.  Thus, in Brickell’s view, the issue of a pardon is very much on the table.

Offering three reasons for a possible pardon, Brickell comments, “Obama himself has stated: ‘I think that Mr. Snowden raised some legitimate concerns,’ he has nothing to lose as he’s not up for reelection nor are House and Senate members for another two years and the American public is waiting for some sort of closure on the issue before Obama leaves office.  Add to that the overwhelming number of Americans under the age of thirty who believe Snowden did the right thing.

Author Claude Brickell
Author Claude Brickell

Brickell’s book concludes with a remark by former President Bill Clinton regarding the Snowden issue, “We cannot change the character of our country or compromise the future of our people by creating a national security state which takes away the liberty and privacy we propose to advance.  Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.”

Saints and Dragons, Edward Snowden in His Own Words is available in print, ebook and audiobook nationwide.


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