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Sonas Demin was created by Dublin-born designer Gerry Kelly in 2011. The Irish designer was inspired by a unique pair of patchwork jeans he discovered during his trip to a vintage store on Haight Street in San Francisco, in which he wore to his many trips to Burning Man. His quest to replace these jeans after they wore out lead to the birth of Sonas Demin, a vegan, ethically-made, eco-friendly, patchwork- inspired fashion line. 

“There is love and happiness in everything we create—so much so that when we launched our compassionate lifestyle brand in 2011, we decided to call it Sonas (the Irish word for “happiness”),” comments Kelly.  “Just like our first original pair of vintage jeans, patchwork continues to inspire us—different fabrics from different points in time, with different colors and textures, coming together to make something new and amazing.” 

Celebrities spotted wearing Sonas Denim include Katherine Heigl, Sophia Milos, Jax Taylor, Sammy Hagar and Janice Dickinson. The collection for men and women is available online at www.sonasdenim.com

Jax Taylor
Gerry & Christine Kelly

A percentage of Sonas Denim’s sales go to Christine and Gerry Kelly’s  Los Angeles-based animal sanctuary for rescued dogs, cats, chickens, cows and other farm animals.


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