Stem might be the new kid on the furniture block, but co-founders (and brothers) Ryan Schultz and Travis Nagle have been designing modern, sustainable furniture for over a decade.

After managing online multi-retailer Viesso for over 10 years, Schultz and Nagle realized their own furniture collection needed a life of its own. So they gathered their designs and created Stem, a lifestyle brand that builds on their previous innovations with eco-friendly materials and customization, and represents their vision to evolve the furniture industry for the digital age.

Stem furniture is tailor-made to the client’s specifications for maximum comfort and to fit each unique space.  Using Stem’s online tools, clients can modify each piece, including the color, materials and filling, as well as the physical dimensions. And client satisfaction is their top priority, so each purchase includes a 100-day in-home trial and free shipping.

(l-r) Travis Nagle and Ryan Schultz

“We’re a bit of the old and the new, blending a traditional way of using made-to-order craftsmanship along with a modern, technologically enhanced shopping experience,” states Nagle. “Shoppers have been relying on getting pre-made products which is fine for a belt or vase, but furniture is often the most expensive and frequently used items in the home. We think it’s worth getting it right.”

With their hand-to-home craftsmanship, Stem makes each piece of furniture one at a time, and ready to ship directly from their workshop in Los Angeles to the client’s living room in just three weeks. No shipping from overseas. No designer markups. No oversized showrooms. “We hand select every material we use to make sure our pieces are eco-friendly from the inside out,” adds Schultz. “It’s important to know what’s in your furniture and what you bring into your home.” 

Stem’s mission is simple: to ensure that clients receive precision-made, sustainable furniture tailored to their specific needs that will enhance their living space and provide long-lasting style and comfort.

Clients can now shop to personalize any piece, and rest assured that Stem furniture is as stylish for the indoor environment as it is conscious of the outdoor environment.

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