by Liz Tarnof

San Diego Informer visited the San Diego County Fair this year. For 2015, the fair’s theme is “A Fair to Remember.” Before you hit up the games, rides, and fried food, make your way into the theme exhibit hall as you enter the fair. This is truly where you will get all your fair information and more. The exhibit hall provides fun facts about other fairs around the world, beautiful images of our own Balboa Park and even a gigantic bust of the Statue of Liberty.

As always, the San Diego County Fair never fails to delight young and old. With such a vast array of things to do, behold, taste, and enjoy, one can spend all day there. For the knick knack lovers, the “as seen on TV” enthusiasts, or for the person that wants to find and or try something new, the exhibit halls are where you want to be. Head yourself over to the Bing Crosby Hall, O’Brien Hall or the ironically named Exhibit Hall to get your money’s worth of practically everything possible.rsz_fullsizerender_11

For the thrill seeker, there are the rides. Not only does SD County Fair provide rides such as roller coasters and gravity defying contraptions, they also have bungee jumping as well as the terrifyingly fun Sling Shot ride. Try them out if you dare! You could always play the games…oh the games. So many to choose from, and the game attendants are always there trying to wrangle you in. And once you’re in, trust us, you’re deep down the rabbit hole. If games aren’t your thing, there are plenty of concerts and shows going on throughout the day.

We know what you’ve been waiting for, and that’s to hear about the food. Well, do not fear; San Diego Informer tried out many different fair delicacies ranging from Bacon Cheese Bombs, foot long corn dogs, deep fried Oreos and Klondike Bars, BBQ ribs and more. Chicken Charlie’s, one of the most popular food stands (now turned into restaurant, dear lord), boasts fried….well…fried anything. This year’s specialty is the friend SlimFast bar. An unhealthy contradiction if we’ve ever seen one! SD County Fair is your one stop shop to eat amazingly strange and unheard of foods. You can’t leave without trying something!

A deep fried oreo
A deep fried oreo


So, if you’re looking to buy a car (yes, they have new Chevy’s and Toyota’s for you to check out), purchase a unique souvenir, learn about your cities history, or just have plain fun, get to the fair before it’s over. The fair will run until Sunday, July 5th. Tickets are available through a bevy of outlets, it’s best to check out SD County Fair’s own website for great deals. If there was ever a time to make memories with your friends and or loved ones, it’s now!


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