by Liz Tarnof

This year’s Hot Imports Nights L.A. (HIN) has come and gone. With the show being thrown in the middle of Downtown San Pedro, it made for some great late night activity, food, and fun.  Cars were set up along four major streets, along with the main stage, side stages, vendors, and models. Featured model Danni Riel came, and happily greeted each fan boy (and girl) in line to see her. While we’ve certainly noticed that each HIN show is unique, this year’s L.A. show was spectacular. One of our favorites was the Hottest Lighting competition hosted by Sylvania ZEVO. The cars in competition were phenomenal and lit up more than your Christmas tree. Thank you HIN for ending the So-Cal shows with a bang. We look forward to attending next year!


With that being said, please enjoy our lineup of our top 10 favorite cars of the night! All photos courtesy of RazorSharp Fauxtography.

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1. Don’t let this guy get up behind you. Ouch!










2. Who doesn’t love a little old school.














3. We love the trippy color of this car!














4. Wide body for days.














5. You light me up baby!













6. This is the only kind of bumble bee that we’ll allow to get close to us














7. Loving the gold wheels on this one.














8.Corvette is ready to take off!




9. VDub’s riding low.























10.Two for the price of one!


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