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by Liz Tarnof

If there is one thing San Diego Informer has learned about The SEMA Show, it’s that attendees will lose 15 pounds and regret not bringing their best walking shoes. If you keep this in mind next year, not only will you get a great workout in, you’ll also save your feet from hurting for days!

Jokes aside, The 2015 SEMA Show was short of phenomenal. With over 60,000 buyers, The SEMA Show didn’t fall short of providing them new products, demonstrations, and educational opportunities. There was of course a bevy of vendors with elaborate booth setups, vehicles, and product giveaways. We did our best to stop at each booth, some of these including Extreme Dimensions, a company that provides fiberglass and carbon fiber exterior body panels; MagnaFlow, which provides performance headers, exhaust systems, mufflers, and more; JDM Sport, a company that provides a wide selection of steering wheels, lighting, shift knobs, and more, as well as XIX Wheels, a wheel company that designs, manufactures and sells their wheels wholesale as well as to individuals looking for a unique set of wheels. We got to stop by their booth and have a quick chat with XIX and NS Wheels owner William Luhai.

(For the full list of exhibitors that were offering products, please visit https://www.semashow.com/exhibitors-offering-products-to-2015-sema-show-builders)


“We had a great show this past week.  It’s XIX Wheels and NS Wheels 16th [year at SEMA]. A lot has been achieved with the company this year…most of our nation wide wholesale distributors were here and showed their support as well as the company having [the opportunity] to meet new dealers. [Our Pro Formula drift racer] Brandon Wicknick and his car were a crowd pleaser. We [displayed] many of our new wheel designs and the technology on how we create our wheels which attracted a lot of positive attention. XIX and NS Wheels will continue to have a booth at SEMA and enjoy all of the celebrations and new relationships that it brings.”

Optimized-IMG_1854The SEMA Show is truly a unique trade show of its own. With over a thousand cars, thousands of attendees, and a multitude of things to do, one simply cannot get bored. The builds that were there were unique, impressive and all encompassing. It is truly something for everyone. We highly recommend next year you take one joy ride in a drift car or truck, hang out with the crew of West Coast Customs, grab all the freebies you can get and stay for the parade on the last day! Thank you SEMA for providing a wonderful trade show.


The SEMA Show: www.semashow.com

Extreme Dimensions: www.extremedimensions.com

MagnaFlow: www.magnaflow.com

JDM Sport: www.jdmsportnation.com

XIX Wheels: www.xixwheels.com or www.ns-wheels.com


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