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IMG_5112If you’re in the market to purchase a car, the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®) is for you. You can find every car company representing their vehicles from Audi to Scion with elaborate displays, fancy gadgets and technology to do research on, and plenty of representatives to answer questions.

Oh c’mon, we’re joking around. The Los Angeles Auto Show has been around since 1907 with only a mere 99 cars on display. Now, the show boasts hundreds of cars from many different manufacturers, concept car reveals, and top executives hosting discussions at scheduled times. San Diego Informer couldn’t get enough of the cars…so shiny, so unique, and so futuristic. We did spot a few SEMA cars, and some cars that were truly out of this world (see photo album). There were enough 2016 Mustangs to fill a parking garage, and a very different take on the Back to the Future DeLorean (a Toyota Mirai in disguise).

Scion C-HR Concept

We witnessed the unveiling of Scion’s newest concept car: the Scion C-HR. We’re not entirely sure what type of vehicle it’s supposed to be…maybe part off-roader, part crossover, part spaceship? Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself. What do you think? Leave us a comment below!

The show is open to the general public located at the Los Angeles Convention Center starting Nov 20-29. One can purchase their tickets online to avoid the long lines. For more information on the LA Auto Show®, please visit their website at

All photos provided courtesy of RazorSharpFauxtography

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