Leslie Zemeckis

Leslie Zemeckis, actress, best-selling author and award-winning documentarian, has what might be the largest personal collection of burlesque memorabilia around! It’s no wonder… she’s been documenting the burlesque world for decades.

Leslie wrote, produced and directed the critically acclaimed documentary Behind the Burly Q, a story that aired on Showtime about burlesque in America, revealing never-before told stories of the men and women who worked in burlesque during its Golden Age.  And in 2013, her book “Behind the Burly Q,” was published, featuring the history of burlesque told by the stars themselves.

Burlesque continued on in Leslie’s heart, as she later spent over five years researching Lili St. Cyr, history’s most famous burlesque artist. Her best-selling book, “Goddess of Love Incarnate: The Life of Stripteuse Lili St. Cyr,chronicles St. Cyr’s extraordinary life and highlights St. Cyr’s provocative and powerful prose, restoring the burlesque star to her rightful place in the spotlight, and into the heart of American history.


The author and filmmaker also started the only inclusive burlesque site, bringing together professionals in the field for the first time.

While Leslie is currently writing her next biography for Counterpoint Press – about sex, scandal and showgirls of course – her burlesque endeavors continue with her newest creation, BurlyQji, a sexy collection of emojis found in the App Store. Inspired by her love for vintage showgirls, burlesque, pinup and flamingos, her line features dozens of sassy emojis, available for just $.99.

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