Let’s escape to the eighties when we all wished to be Forever Young. On August 12,  the iconic German synth pop group Alphaville (alphaville.info), featuring lead singer Marion Gold, will perform live in concert at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank.

In its Los Angeles debut, the band will perform its top hits, including Forever Young, Big in Japan, Dance With Me, Sounds Like a Melody, Summer in Berlin, Monkey In the Moon, and many more.







Christopher ANTON and the Joneses (feat. former lead singer of Information Society) and DJ BPM will open the show.

The nucleus of Alphaville was already formed by the end of the seventies at the Berlin University of the Arts, where the original line-up of Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd and Frank Mertens decided they would rather produce music than paintings or sculptures.

Since the mid-nineties, Alphaville have been touring all across the world, while 1996 saw the departure of the last members of its earlier line-up, Ricky Echolette and Bernhard Lloyd. Their positions have since been filled by keyboardist Britons Martin Lister and guitarist David Goodes and drummer Jakob Kiersch. The 1997 album Salvation witnessed a return to classic Alphaville songs, followed by a live album titled Stark Naked in 2000, and the extravagant Web production Crazyshow in 2003.  The band’s latest recording, released earlier this year, is titled Strange Attractor (Universal Music).

Alphaville will make stops in Houston, New York Chicago and San Jose, prior to the LA show.

Get your tickets now: http://www.itsmyseat.com/AlphavilleLA/

Photo courtesy of LA Concert Group.

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