by Liz Tarnof

The San Diego County Fair is back and offers quite a unique outing to anyone’s summer plans. This year’s fair is all about Alice in Wonderland…aptly dubbed “Mad About the Fair.” Guests are drawn into the mad world of Alice where they can enjoy a grand-scale tea party featuring life sized pages straight from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Steampunk odds and ends, unique outfits and trinkets for purchase.  Not only that, the fair is offering
Tea Time in Wonderland every Sunday the fair is open.IMG_5510

Of course, we can’t forget the wonderfully delightful cuisine from around the world.We recommend trying the Grilled Sloppy Joe Frito Crunch or the Johnny Depp Dog. Better make your way there soon or you’ll certainly go mad!

The fair is open from June 3 through July 4 (the fair will be closed Monday, June 27). For more information, visit

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