by Liz Tarnof, San Diego Informer

Photos by Angel Contreras and Melanie Ho

Photo by Angel Contreras
Photo by Angel Contreras

For anyone who attended Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con (formerly known as Stan Lee’s Comikaze), they encountered three major things: Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn, and Harley Quinn. Yes, we had to point that out, but hey, we thought you all looked fantastic.

2016 drew in a total of 91,000 attendees to Los Angeles Comic Con along with a plethora of celebrity guests, autograph sessions and photo-ops. Large cons like this give fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite actress or actor. Looking for actors who played the original Power Rangers? Check.  Maybe something more along the lines of WWE wrestlers? Check. Or for the musically inclined, Stan Lee even brought in hugely popular lead singers from well-known bands. Either way, Los Angeles Comic Con had something for everyone.

Photo by Oddly Awkward Photography
Photo by OddlyAwkward Photography

Los Angeles Comic Con even boasted an after-hours party Friday and Saturday night. Friday was Club Comic Con which included celebrities, artists/creators and cosplay into one fun-filled event. Located at The Globe in Downtown Los Angeles, this celebration filled up quick. Saturday night was the Halloween Cosplay Ball located at Club Novo, featuring many guests such as The Flux Capacitors, DJ Galactic Ray, and performances from many well-known cosplayers, YouTube stars and nerdy artists.

Check out our album of photos to see what went down at Los Angeles Comic Con. If you missed out on the fun this year, the con will be back with a vengeance in 2017.

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