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For anyone that is not new to The Queen Mary’s CHILL, this year is different. No longer is the Ice Kingdom. It has been replaced by Alice in Winterland, a glittering, glowing, phenomenal wonder to behold. Upon entering CHILL, guests are transported to a winter wonderland. Kids and adults alike can spend their time ice skating, enjoy live performances, and decorate gingerbread houses. Personally, the two story tubing run looks the most fun to us.

If you heads towards The Queen Mary Dome, this is where you’ll truly be going down the rabbit hole. Here guests get to experience what it’s like being Alice, frolic through the The Garden of Live Flowers, and even speak a word or two with the Queen of Hearts or if you choose, the Queen of Diamonds. Everything is painstakingly detailed and it can only make you wonder how much work goes into such a beautiful setup. According to Steve Sheldon, Director of Events and Entertainment, “our creative and production team works year-round on CHILL. We begin the design process more than a year in advance and ramp up fabrication and construction throughout the year as we get closer to our opening date.”

15230652_1809483479311014_7434490656238306239_nWe asked Steve how his team came up with the theme of Alice in Winterland and he explained that “we are all familiar, of course, with the Lewis Carroll favorite, ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ It’s a story that has enamored children for generations and that many adults recall with fondness and the fact that Disney has continued to build on the story over the past several years made it a perfect fit when we began considering themes on which to build this year’s experience.  Our Alice in Winterland presentation will take visitors on a magical journey filled with interactive RFID technology, live characters and immersive environments.”

The Queen Mary CHILL is expected to receive tens of thousands of guests from all over California and as far away as Nevada and Arizona. Don’t miss out on this awe-inspiring experience as there will most likely be a different theme next year. Tickets are on sale now through Jan. 8, 2017 at


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